This is a project that uses sensors that are popular and easy to obtain.  The basic manufacture of the sensors featured is Keyes which supplies several distributors.  The KY-xxx numbered sensors are the type used for these demonstrations and experiments.  These sensors are available in kit form and separate components.  Amazon and ebay have them as well as several Chinese distributors.  The following I have gathered the best descriptions and programs form several websites.  Included are links to the original data and programs.  The current programs are for demonstration purposes and are for the ARDUINO UNO.  Some translated data can be difficult.  I have included clear information outside of the references given.

KY-001 check operation
KY-002 KY-002_Vibration_switch_module
KY-003 KY-003_V2_Hall_Effect
KY-004 Watch Arduino LED pin 13 as buttun is pushed.
KY-005 KY-005 Infrared Transmitter Module
KY-006 KY-006_Small_passive_buzzer_module
KY-008 LASER caution KY-008 LASER module
KY-009 KY-016_3-color_LED_module
KY-011 ky-011-two-color-led-module-3mm/
KY-013 ky-013-analog-temperature-sensor
KY-015 KY-015_Temperature_and_humidity_sensor_module
KY-016 KY-016_3-color_LED_module  KY-009 and ky-016
KY-017 KY-011, KY-016 or KY-029 can be used as LED
KY-018 Chech out.
KY-019 KY-019 5V Relay Module
KY-020 ky-020-tilt-switch-module
KY-021 KY-021_reed_switch
KY-023 KY-023_XY-axis_joystick_module
KY-024 Sensor Keyes KY024 (chip ss49E)
KY-025 KY-025 Reed module
KY-026 KY-026 Flame sensor module
KY-027 KY-027 Magic light cup module  (USES TWO Modules)
KY-028 KY-028 Temperature sensor module  :  SR0049
KY-029 KY-029 2-Color (Red+Green) 3mm LED module
KY-032 KY-032 Obstacle avoidance sensor module
KY-033 KY-033 Tracking sensor module
KY-034 check operation
KY-035 KY-035 Hall analog sensor
KY-036 KY-036 Metal-touch sensor module
KY-037 KY-037 Sensitive microphone sensor module
KY-038 KY-038 Microphone sound sensor module-analog  //KY-038 Microphone sound sensor module --digital
KY-039 KY-039 Detect the heartbeat module
KY-040 ky-040_rotery_encoder_demo.